I'm Andrew Mahon, a product oriented software engineering leader, entrepreneur, and adventurer based in San Francisco, CA. I have a passion for product design and development and have a keen sense of what it takes to bring an idea to realization.

After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2010, I founded Type/Code to focus on creating beautiful and engaging experiences for the web. Working with an amazing team, I was responsible for launching projects for clients like the MIT Media Lab, General Electric, and Disney.

In 2017, I joined Mapillary as a Product Manager. During my time at Mapillary, I led the effort to vision and specify a commercial offering designed for GIS customers. I was instrumental in launching features to organize imagery on the platform and generate human feedback data to improve computer vision neural networks, and setting seeds for a forthcoming suite of automotive products.

I'm love data analytics and working in Jupyter. My history is covered in Python and large and chunks of Django with Javascript sprinkled on top. I run Arch Linux on my desktop.

This site is built using Gatsby and is hosted on Netlify.

In my free time, I'm happiest exploring the world on a bike or skis.

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