Kindle, Round Two

03 January, 2018

In the first couple years of the 2010 decade I was an avid kindle reader - the content still available in my Amazon library stands testament. After a few years, though, I set down the device again in favor of paper. I was struggling with the DRM implications of content distributed as Amazon does, and after a only semi-satisfying read of Anna Karenina, I sought the ability to back-reference, annotate, and otherwise interact that paper offers.

Today, I purchased a new Kindle. After reading book-length content exclusively on paper since 2012, I've decided it's time to try reading with e-ink again. With my reading load split between professional and personal, and a moderate amount of travel, I'm excited to see what having diverse content with me at all times brings.

I'll kick things off picking up Yuval Harari's Sapiens.